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CITIC Financial Centre by Rocco Yim

Rocco Design Architects’ latest project is a mixed-use complex with a garden in the sky.

Citic Financial Centre

BY Janice Seow

August 28th, 2014

The CITIC Financial Centre is located at the western gateway of Shenzhen Bay and flanks a green public space to the west. The program includes offices, conference facilities, hotels and residential apartments, and the development will be the first urban mixed-use complex to be built on the site when completed.

Citic Financial Centre

Architecturally, the Centre responds to both the conditions of the city’s development and urban planning – for instance, building height requirements, the creation of a city interface and public space, and greenery. On the other hand, the centre seeks to translate the sophisticated content into an interaction between simple form and space.

Citic Financial Centre

The complex consists of a tower and two slab blocks. The tower is located to the site’s north. The frontal slab block gently slopes downwards to Shenzhen Bay, granting the upper floors of the tower a magnificent harbor view, while the layering edges of the building are posed against the sky.

The downward sloping slab blocks outline rooftop green terraces in three varied heights. These connect with the vertical green wall to become a green belt passing through the site. Along with flanking a lush park, the whole site enjoys an unhindered view of greenery.

Rocco Design Architects