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Tile Patterns In Commercial Spaces

The following projects use tiles to create visual rhythm and enhance the overall identity of a space.

BY Janice Seow

June 5th, 2015

Mrs Pound, Hong Kong by NC Design and Architecture (NCDA) In speakeasy Mrs Pound, two interior zones are linked by traditional mosaic tiles once used in stores and canteens across Hong Kong. The patterned Chinese tiles gradually change from pink to green, conveying the respective 'glamourous' and 'rugged' zones. 22-MrsPound Bottega Ristorante, Jakarta by Einstein & Associates Bottega Ristorante in Jakarta greets the diner with a glorious flooring pattern of peacock feathers depict by mosaic tiles sourced from Italy. Moving further into the space, a glittery floral wall, hand laid tile by tile, serves as backdrop for the intimate space. Bottega Gordon Ramsey's Bread Street Kitchen Bar, Hong Kong Primary-Shots Majority of the floors at Gordon Ramsey's Bread Street Kitchen Bar in Hong Kong is filled with black and white tiles, occasionally broken up to house smaller grids or wooden injections that create space accents. MG_8883 Laem Charoen Seafood at The Sense, Bangkok by ONION On the floor of Laem Charoen Seafood at The Sense, locally made ceramic tiles are dressed in blue and orange to form a bold, repetitive pattern across the room. Onion-LaemCharoen-03 Compolux, Tokyo by Nendo In women's clothing floor at Compolux in Shibuya, ordinary plastic floor tiles were cut into strips to create a variegated flooring pattern that recalls cobblestones. This was a solution devised by Nendo to overcome cost and thickness restrictions. 72