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Burning Man AlexMedinaPhoto_01

What Can Design Learn From Burning Man?

Elana Castle looks through her design lens at two of the stellar installations from this year’s extraordinary burn.


GloW-DESIGN Sets A New Agenda For Global Design Education

Will today’s design graduates be relevant tomorrow? Are they truly relevant today? A new Universal Design Education Charter, developed at GloW-DESIGN’s ReDesignEd Educators Forum in Singapore, sets out a framework for the future.

woods bagot

Agile Model, Cellular Spaces, ‘Anti-Workplace’: Insights On Workplace Culture From Woods Bagot

Woods Bagot’s workplace interior design expert Amanda Stanaway shares some critical insights into the changing nature of our working lives and how design can be used as a powerful tool.

orgatec materiality aectual floor detail

Material Culture: Bio Composites, Softness And Sustainability At Orgatec 2018

What kinds of new materials will find their home in the ‘softer’ workspaces that are emerging today? We look at the latest innovations from Orgatec 2018.

Orgatec 2018 Pedralli photo by Nava Rapacchietta

The Workplace Themes You Need To Know From Orgatec 2018

From wellness to materiality and the changing requirements of an office space – we take a look at the discussion points arising from biennale commercial trade show Orgatec in 2018.

Barber & Osgerby’s Insight On The Future Of Work

Brit design darlings Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby open up about the future of work and share new pieces that challenge the modern function of an office – a little taste of Orgatec 2018.