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hotel narrative

The Rise Of Narrative-Led Hotels

Behind every memorable hotel stay is a carefully curated brand experience. From environmental design to placemaking, wayfinding and more, Fabio Ongarato Design has been a pioneer of the narrative-led hotel. Indesign magazine Editor Alice Blackwood reports.


ADP: Addressing The Expansion Challenge Faced By Designers In Asia

Janus Huang, Regional President of Asia Designer Communication Platform (ADP), tells us how his cross-spectrum design association helps Asia-based designers to crack the global market.

alibaba fashionAI

Is AI The Future Of Offline Fashion Retail?

Alibaba’s FashionAI system was showcased at a concept store in Hong Kong, with AI making personalised mix-and-match recommendations in response to items chosen in the physical store.

How Can We Futureproof Our Cities?

An authority on urban regeneration, HASSELL’s Global Head of Urban Design and Urban Futures David Tickle shares his insights on shaping our cities into meaningful, sustainable spaces.

INDEs And ADP: Connecting Asia With The World

INDE.Awards Industry Partner, Asia Designer Communication Platform (ADP), welcomes the INDE.Awards Shortlist to its membership network.

Appliances Are Increasingly Adding Value Into Asia Pacific’s Crucial Residential Development Projects

The Asia Pacific region is undergoing a residential development boom. Within this climate, architects and designers are increasingly turning to appliances to add value back into our most inspiring residential projects.