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From ‘Quantity And Scale’ To ‘Quality And Innovation’: Perspectives On China’s Architecture And Design

The Chinese development model is undergoing a process of re-examination, says INDE.Awards strategic partner Green-Blue International. The agency’s Founder Feng Gao shares perspectives on China’s architecture and design.


Why The ‘Third Place’ Is Revolutionising The Way We Work

According to sociologist Ray Oldenburg, “third places are public spaces on neutral ground where people can gather and interact.” We review two INDE.Award-contending projects that revolutionise the meaning of ‘collaborative engagement’ at work.

recruit workplace

A Recruitment Service Deeply Rooted In Architecture And Design

As Indesign Media Asia Pacific enters its third decade, the company’s CEO and founder, Raj Nandan, has announced the launch of Recruit Indesign.

dwp CEO Brenton Mauriello: “It’s the death of ‘design by divas’.”

dwp has rolled out dwp|signature, a collaboration platform with international design masters that expands the firm’s customisation capability to the next level. CEO Brenton Mauriello tells us more.


Behaviour And Misbehaviour At Work

For agile to succeed, we need awareness of how people actually work. That means deeply understanding worker behaviour and organisational culture, and managing change to suit.

INDE.Awards Dinosaur Designs Trophy Gala Night

Reinventing The Gold Dot

How do the minds behind Dinosaur Designs reimagine a trophy for today’s creative industry? We chat with Stephen Ormandy to find out.