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Rethinking Hong Kong’s Village House

Drawing on classic British interiors, Architectural Project Unit steers away from the stereotypically linear, contemporary look one sees in most village houses. The result is a home that has a cosy, comfortable and unique identity.


New Directions in Corporate Workplace Design

MMoser recently designed Saatchi & Saatchi’s New York offices, and the results speak to the brand, encourage interaction, and ultimately, they are human. Here, Charlton Hutton talks about the space, and how their learnings apply in a global context.

Enlivening an Industrial Building Through Art and Design

Bean Buro enlivens the headquarters of Kerry Logistics in Hong Kong with the introduction of contemporary installations that enhance the visitor experience.

Woods Bagot

A River Runs Through It

Shenzhen Hazens Longgang Longteng is set to be a mixed-use development with a difference. We speak to Woods Bagot about the masterplan, and their mission to design an interlocking system that will encourage community, sustainability and healthy living.


Boxes Within Boxes: Benoy Thinks Outside the Box

When it comes to shopping these days, it’s the experience that matters, as the British design firm demonstrated when they were tasked with redefining the interiors of Hangzhou Tower 501 Plaza.

Studio Adjective

Garage Collective

This new space in Hong Kong’s Western District takes collaboration in a new direction, connecting co-working with clothing and cafe culture. We find out about the design behind the idea, and how the space inspired the idea in the first place.