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Smart Home Meets Traditional Retail By Spacemen

China-based interior design firm Spacemen has created a showroom and experience centre for well-known technology brand Haier that is both futuristic and minimal yet also, at times, homey.

Reimagining clinical space

The architects of the Cabrini Hospital in Melbourne, Australia envisaged wards that feel both polished and hotel-like in quality. But it’s the focus on safety requirements and functional needs of patients and staff that really shines through.

Ministry Of Design’s “New Quasi-Colonial” Aesthetic: The Prestige Penang

Ministry of Design transposes heritage in the new quasi-colonial Prestige Hotel in Penang, with a contemporary interpretation of Victorian design – visual trickery included.

Split Down The Middle: UPSTAIRS_ Designs A Contemporary Clinic

Despite a limited selection of materials for medical facilities, UPSTAIRS_ has conceived a contemporary clinic, fit for medical and aesthetic treatments, while embedding the practitioners’ beliefs.

Which Indo-Pacific Projects Won at WAF 2019?

With China, Hong Kong, Australia and India counted in the top five countries entering the World Architecture Festival (WAF) in 2019, it’s no surprise to see many projects from the Indo-Pacific region winning some of the top gongs. Here we look at all of them.

More Than a Brown Blob: Liyang Museum by CROX

Drawing inspiration from an iconic Chinese musical instrument, the Liyang Museum by CROX makes a statement in the landscape.