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Yume Marche Store

Yume Marche or ‘dream market’ by Tokyo-based Moriyuki Ochiai Architects evokes an imagery of a farmstead.

Yume Marche

BY Janice Seow

June 12th, 2014

Yume Marche is the retail front of a company that runs its own farm. The store offers fresh, seasonal produce and dairy products made using milk from the farm. As such, the brief given to Moriyuki Ochiai Architects was for a space that would evoke an imagery of a farmstead and the products they provide.


The interior features images of the golden sun and lush green forests, a combination that gives the store its vibrant aesthetic. Adding a layer of dimension to the design is the play of colour gradation, which spreads throughout the entire space like a wave of colour filled with lively movement.


Other distinctive design characteristics include wavy lines inspired by fresh milk, as well as fixtures that offer an enlarged representation of a tree truck’s uneven surface. There are also randomly placed wooden tiles affixed to the lower section of the counters that have been painted meticulously by hand.

Moriyuki Ochiai Architects

The hexagonal display units at the centre of the store can be easily configured to accommodate varying quantities and types of produce on sale each day. Such flexibility allows the layout of the store to change on a daily basis, in the same spirit as an animated and bustling farmer’s market.


Moriyuki Ochiai Architects