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Want to travel the world? Your first stop should be this Amazing Library

Customers are invited to experience new horizons in the Hyundai Card Travel Library in Gangnam, Seoul.

Hyundai Card Travel Library

BY Janice Seow

August 15th, 2014

Hyundai Card travel Library Libraries are not just gateways to knowledge – they are destinations where one’s imagination can take flight and travel beyond the reality of what is. So when Japanese design studio Wonderwall was tasked by Hyundai Card to conceive not just any library, but one dedicated to travel, they took the brief and ran with it. Hyundai Card travel Library The library is like a cavern, with wall to ceiling bookcases stocked with books, and more books. Here, there are nearly 15,000 publications on travel, architecture and photography, in addition to a complete collection of the 126-year-old National Geographic magazine, maps, and even plane schedules. Hyundai Card Travel Library Warm wood paneling abound, while the geometric patterned ceiling appears not unlike a map or an aerial image of a fertile farmland. An Escher-esque staircase ascends from the centre of the library to link the two floors, and enhancing the atmosphere of adventure are a host of travel memorabilia such as world globes and well-worn travel trunks. Hyundai And for those looking to sit back and contemplate their next travel experience, the first floor cafe has a curated collection of archetypical chairs from around the world. Hyundai Card Travel Library Wonderwall wonder-wall.com