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Urban Senses: Where Architecture and Music Meet

In the latest Urban Senses exhibition at K11 art mall, architecture and music come together to offer visitors a unique and interactive experience. Christie Lee writes.

BY Janice Seow

April 1st, 2016

Top image: Myriad by Topotek 1 The K11 group has a knack for putting art and design in the most unexpected of places. Combining architecture and music, their latest exhibition at the Hong Kong K11 mall is likely one of their most ambitious projects to date, perhaps not so much for the scale as for the concept behind it. “Architecture and sound are intrinsically linked. Whilst one is physical, the other is intangible, and our intention was to create an immersive space that blurred the boundaries between the two fields,” notes Sarah Lee, co-curator of Urban Senses. DZP_2701 Golden Bubbles by People's Architecture Office Lee, who heads Sky Yutaka with her partner Yutaka Yano, elaborates: “The K11 space lends itself to a diverse exhibition format. What we tried to do was to create a journey that linked the lowest and highest levels of the mall to create an immersion of retail and art. The visitor can choose to join this journey at any point and create their own route within the exhibition.” render-3 Golden Bubbles, close up As a result, People’s Architecture Office’s gigantic installation Golden Bubbles extends from level B2 to the third floor, its reflective surfaces distorting whatever passes its way. Whilst its intense materiality reminds one of Brancusi, it also speaks to the creator’s view of Hong Kong’s kaleidoscopic landscape. Topotek-2 Myriad by Topotek 1 The emphasis on interactivity continues in Topotek 1’s Myriad. Composed of 1,848 mini hand winding music boxes, blasting 45 tunes that span folk, classical and pop, the installation - as Lee notes - “creates an acoustic soundscape that interludes with the grander scheme of place which reflects the elements of the city and the individual lives of its people.” Choi_2 Street snaps by Sarah Choi Meanwhile, Sarah Choi’s street snaps spontaneously deck the walls of the mall and gallery space. “Our aim is to make architecture accessible, as well as reflect the diverse nature of our urban landscape,” says Lee. Choi_1 Street snaps by Sarah Choi