The Invisible Café -

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The Invisible Café

bandesign builds a mirrored café in Gifu City, Japan to blend in seamlessly with the landscape.

BY Janice Seow

February 17th, 2015

2-facade The area in which this café is situated comes alive with beautiful blooms during the cherry blossom season and draws many visitors from near and far. 1Facade Taking advantage of its location, bandesign have built two mirrored façades at an angle to amplify the natural landscape and surrounding neighbourhood, and help draw intrigued passers-by further into the café compound. 6-facade 7-facade White gravel out front serves as a further light-reflecting tool while also emphasising the camellia trees. 1 The entrance is painted fire engine red, in deliberate contrast to the building’s while steel exterior while inside, a red and green colour palette and roof struts made to look like a tree motif come together to reflect the forest theme. 14-Cafe-Space Bandesign