Rocco Design Architects Takes On a New Project in Shenzhen -

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Rocco Design Architects Takes On a New Project in Shenzhen

The project is set to be a new, sustainable landmark when completed in 2018.

BY Janice Seow

November 25th, 2014

Rocco Design Architects is set to build a new office development in Shekou, Shenzhen on a site area spanning 27,777sqm. 2126_Street3_141009-06b The project consists of two lots with three staggered towers each. Consideration has been made to creating dynamic work environments, with ample communal spaces of varying scales in the form of streets, courtyards and plazas that both workers and the public can enjoy. 2126_EntPlazaBird_141009_01_B Taking advantage of the stepping architectural composition, terraces and green features are also introduced at different levels to offer environmentally pleasant work areas and additional amenities to the tenants. 2126_Courtyard_Bird_View_20141009 Sustainability features high on the agenda. The project utilises sustainable building materials, and features photovoltaic roof panels, low-e glass, LED lighting systems, energy saving air-conditioning and cooling systems, a rain water collection system for irrigation, and various sustainable building materials. 2126_Courtyard_I_20141009 Rocco Design Architects