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Pocket Spaces For Kotur’s New Store

Plot Architecture Office designs a series of intimate spaces for Kotur’s characterful minaudieres and clutches in Hong Kong


BY Janice Seow

March 19th, 2015

Fashion brand Kotur is well known for its highly distinctive and bold minaudieres and clutches, and it was little surprise that their brief to Plot Architecture Office was for a retail space that would reflect the character of the brand and its products.


From the outside, a series of étagères along the storefront creates a ‘visual rhythm’ of the merchandise on display and offers passers-by and would-be customers playful glimpses of the interior.



Inside, furnishings in satin and polished stainless steel, and black glass and mirrors reflect the brand’s glamorous image. A circular display of varying heights anchors the space, and is topped by a vintage palm tree sculpture in brass that’s designed to reflect the flamboyance and eccentric nature of the brand.


Further in, yet more intimate display areas are created with products artfully showcased behind folding screens.

Plot Architecture Office