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Pak Loh Chiu Chow: Future Nostalgia

Vintage motifs meet contemporary design flair in this traditional Chiu Chow restaurant designed by NC Design & Architecture writes Christie Lee.

Pah Lok

BY Janice Seow

August 19th, 2014

With the number of new eateries that have been taking up shop at the top levels of Times Square Hong Kong, restaurant owners are struggling to stand out. Family owned Pak Loh Chiu Chow Restaurant is an exception to the above. Besides boasting lip-smacking Chiu Chow cuisine, the decor is in a class of its own. Pak Loh The brainchild of Hong Kong-based NC Design & Architecture, the 6000-square-feet space subtly mixes vintage elements with sleek, streamlined silhouettes. Pak Loh Upon entering the restaurant, diners are led by way of a curved passageway – opulently decked out in faceted brass vertical screens on either side no less – to the lofty main dining room. Two VIP rooms are tucked on either side of the entrance. Besides being a decorative feature, the passageway is a smart way to shield diners from the hullabaloo that is Times Square. Pak Loh A reflection of the restaurant’s understated yet authentic cuisine, the main dining room is dominated by a subdued palette of dark wood, olive green and gold. Taking a page from 1960s design aesthetics, the vaulted ceiling is conceived from a succession of half arches that appear to be spilling down the walls of the dining room, resulting in a visually-impactful design. Custom-made wall scones and suspended light fixtures add to the delicate framework of the ribbed structure. 6 The vintage design motifs continue on the walls, which are wrapped in a 1960s geometric print. Lush burgundy leather banquettes provide intimacy while breaking up the space, and olive green velour chairs adorned with curved legs echo the structure of the vaulted ceiling. 5 Located at the back of the restaurant, the male and female toilets are divided by way of a large communal sink. Custom backlit WC indicators are reminiscent of those in aircraft carriers, while distinct colour tiles inside the individual cubicles continue the exercise in nostalgia. Pak Loh NC Design & Architecture