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Louis Vuitton Matsuya Ginza

Louis Vuitton looks to Art Deco and the brand’s renowned damier pattern for the design of its store facade in Ginza, Japan.

BY Janice Seow

November 20th, 2014

For the new facade of its Matsuya Ginza store, Louis Vuitton has taken a leaf off history in a city that used to be known for its traditional edo-komon patterns - stylised repetitive geometric patterns, similar to the Art Deco style. LV_3 The shop’s exterior is also inspired by Louis Vuitton’s damier, albeit a softer and more organic version of the famous monogram. LV2 The gentle bulges and dents add further dimension to the patterned walls and vary in appearance in the day, depending on one’s line of sight. And at night, LED lights hidden in the reliefs light up the facade, offering yet another unique perspective to passers-by. LV1