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Kengo Kuma Designs A Soy Sauce Shop

Kengo Kuma designs a shop in Tokyo for Japanese soy sauce company Kayanoya, complete with giant barrels on the ceiling.


BY Janice Seow

July 8th, 2014

Kayanoya Kayanoya is an artisanal soy sauce manufacturer with a history that goes back more than 120 years. Kayanoya In designing the Kayanoya flagship store in Nihonbashi, Tokyo, Kengo Kuma has drawn inspiration from the company’s traditional warehouse in Kyushu, Southern Japan. Kayanoya Giant wooden barrels, which are used to make shoyu or soya sauce, hang from the ceiling, while Koji Buta, a special tray that is used in the making of koji (malt rice) has been turned into furniture. Kayanoya Underscoring the importance of community-oriented design, all the cedar materials have been sourced from Kyushu, and the barrels and trays have been produced by local craftspeople. Kengo Kuma