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In Memory Of Rail Travel

An installation in South Korea captures a time when trains used to travel the Su-in Line.

BY Janice Seow

February 26th, 2015

di_290115_03-800x533 Architect Yong Ju Lee’s DISPERSION is an installation that plays on nostalgia, recalling a time when trains used to travel the Su-in Line in Suwon, South Korea. di_290115_02-800x524 Opened in 1937, the narrow-gauge railway was shutdown in 1995 and the younger generation barely know about it. The older people from the area, however, hold many memories of the trains passing by the beautiful beach and the saltern in the neighbourhood. The area also used to be a gathering spot for photography enthusiasts drawn to the unique locale. di_290115_08-800x1200 Located in Su-in Line Memorial Park, DISPERSION 1 is a restored narrow-gauge train at one end and melts into the surrounding at the other. The intention is to give visitors a new perception of space and time. The installation is made of stainless steel, which stands in sharp contrast to the natural surroundings of the park. di_290115_06-800x533 DISPERSION 2 is similar to 1, but is more fully enclosed and features train seats to give visitors a deeper appreciation of the narrowness of the gauge train, which while functional, did not offer passengers a comfortable ride when operational. di_290115_09-800x533