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Fresh Beginnings: Mr Lee Noodle Shop

Chinese design firm Golucci International Design gives a 27-year-old noodle shop a new lease of life writes Christie Lee.

BY Janice Seow

November 6th, 2014


Golucci International Design worked its magic to transform the Chong Wen Men branch of Mr Lee Noodle Shop from casual fast food outlet into a stylish diner, bringing together all the elements that have defined the 27-year-old noodle shop.


A Sichuan-native, Mr Lee moved to Taiwan during the mid-20th century before decamping to the United States to further his studies. It was there that the enterprising foodie set up his first noodle shop. Scoring compliments from the local crowd, Mr Lee was soon dubbed ‘America’s Beef Noodle King’. Yet, the idea of opening a shop in his motherland was never far from his mind and it was in 1987 when the first Mr Lee Noodle Shop was founded in Beijing’s Dong Dan district.


Taking a page from the ubiquitous hamburger stores in the States, the interior of the Chong Wen Men branch features mixed seating arrangements, with long tables - placed at the centre the room – conducive to group gatherings.


While oak wood and ash brick combine to underscore the owner’s multicultural upbringing, the stream of green and honeyed tones makes for a soothing aesthetic. On the walls, window frames evocative of those in ancient Hutong homes are a tribute to the ancient Chinese city. A warmly-lit staircase leads to the second floor, where chairs and tables are artfully placed to allow for a laid-back dining atmosphere. The brand logo - a caricature of Mr Lee himself - is blown up and pasted on one end of the room.


Golucci International Design