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Evergrande International Finance Centre

Located in Jinan, China, TFP Farrells’ Evergrande master plan will include the tallest landmark tower in Shangdong province when completed.

BY Janice Seow

January 22nd, 2015

Covering 10.86 hectares, the Evergrande International Finance Centre project forms part of the urban plan for Jinan West Station district and includes a 518-metre high mixed-use landmark tower – the tallest of its kind in Shangdong province – serviced apartment towers, A-grade SOHO offices, a retail mall and support facilities. Evergrande-IFC-Landmark-Tower The massing and disposition of the buildings are designed to embrace and integrate with the expansive greenery of the Central Parkland, and the architectural form of the serviced apartment and office towers are shaped to taper and flare out at the base of the buildings, tying in with the general geometry of the landmark tower. Evergrande In addition, the undulating sculptural landscape and plaza, which flanks both sides of the landmark tower, will serve to draw in pedestrian traffic whilst providing a space for the general public to gather for leisure and entertainment. The sunken plaza also serves as a nodal point that is permeable and connects to a mix of shopping, dining and entertainment facilities at multi-levels internally as well as externally off the site. Notably, the towers form an interesting overall composition with their gradual stepping building height from the north to the south side of the master plan. The retail mall podium also terraces at the upper two levels, offering additional public usage and breaking up the overall massing of the large retail block. TFP Farrells terryfarrell.co.uk