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Classified Restaurant at Repulse Bay

Classified creates an environment for social interaction in its latest café at Repulse Bay.

Classified Repulse Bay

BY Janice Seow

March 12th, 2015

Since 2006, Classified has been bringing its collection of chic European neighbourhood cafés to various locations in Hong Kong. Classified+Restaurant+Opens+at+Repulse+Bay+in+Hong+Kong-4 Offering premium artisan cheeses, gourmet coffees, boutique wines and handcrafted breads, the brand is focused on using food and design as a tool to revive street-level interaction and a sense of community. This philosophy is the driving force behind the design of its seventh establishment at Repulse Bay, designed by Substance. Classified+Restaurant+Opens+at+Repulse+Bay+in+Hong+Kong-2 The designers at Substance have opened up the storefront to create a welcoming space that invites beach-goers to come in for a snack. The interior draws its inspiration from the café’s seaside setting and features marine-blue tiles, rustic timber flooring and bespoke lobster-pot inspired ceiling lights. Classified+Restaurant+Opens+at+Repulse+Bay+in+Hong+Kong-1 For a touch of whimsy, but also in keeping with the design's key driver, the café features two large swings near the entrance, extending the relaxed, social vibe that Classified is known for cultivating. Substance