Cinemas That Are Changing the Face of Entertainment -

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Cinemas That Are Changing the Face of Entertainment

These days, it’s simply not enough for theatres to offer comfortable seats and a big cinema screen as a standard. The cinematic experience begins right at the entrance, as these three forward-looking projects have shown

BY Janice Seow

September 10th, 2014

Cinema Futura Zhongshan CinemaFutura04_600x400 The Alexander Wong-designed Cinema Futura in Zhongshan proves to be as visually stimulating as the many sci-fi films it was inspired by. Read more. Emperor UA Cinemas – Foshan 19 Oft Interiors’ recently completed Emperor UA Cinemas – Foshan combines hard, geometric cuts and grandiose materials for a futuristic aesthetic. Read more. UA Cine Times, Times Square  Hong Kong oneplus One Plus Partnership’s latest cinema project goes back to the roots of filmmaking. Read more.