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An Office of Angles and Meshes

The Hongqiao World Centre ‘Petal’ Office is defined by a subtle palette and sharp contours. Christie Lee writes.

BY Janice Seow

October 1st, 2015

As further proof of China’s boundless appetite for mega multi-purpose buildings, the latest complex to pop up in the formerly deserted Hongqiao neighbourhood in Shanghai is Hongqiao World Centre. Tasked with designing one of the offices located inside the centre, Shanghai-based G-Art Design International has created a space that is stylish and modern yet liveable image01 Dubbed the Hongqiao World Centre ‘Petal’ office, the key inspirational motif, the flower petal, is echoed in every detail. “City-dwellers are often subjected to living in deteriorating urban environments, with worsening traffic congestion and pollution. Many long to say goodbye to the city centre, the haze and the congested environment. We wanted to design an office that would shed light on the importance of maintaining the bond between man and nature,” says G-Art Design International. In tribute to the many shapes that nature takes the form of, the interiors were carved out with an eye for sharp angles and theatrical curves. image04 An asymmetrically curved arch frames the reception area, giving viewers a distorted sense of space. The perforated metal mesh backdrop adds to the modern aesthetic while also offsetting the hard and gleaming surfaces found elsewhere. A large portion of the space is dedicated to the glass enclosed meeting room. The luminescent floor is said to give users the experience of “floating amidst the clouds.” Metal accents frame the space, which, while echoing the silver-toned chandelier inside, also ensures that the room is seen as the centre piece of the office. image03 With no lack for exquisite furnishings, the office is filled with sharp-angled desks and chairs, minimalist jet-black shelves and plush leather chairs and sofas. The dramatic curve on the ceiling is echoed on the petal pattern of the bespoke carpet. Flora and fauna are generously displayed throughout space. The nature motif is extended to the pops of green found in the bespoke carpet and the colourful beanbags on a smaller semi-secluded second floor.