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A Wedding Chapel With Kimono Inspired Motifs

A large dome steeped in symbolism elevates the ceremonial process in this wedding chapel designed by Nikken Space Design.

BY Janice Seow

March 18th, 2015

Nikken Space Design has constructed a wedding chapel using 100 large, hand-carved wooden panels in ANA Crowne Hotel, Hiroshima, Japan. contemporary-chapel_010315_01-800x636 The panels, which are made of half-inch-thick Japanese cypress, feature intricate motifs designed by a kimono designer. The cut out shapes of flowers and plants are traditional patterns that can often be found on Japanese kimonos, and revolve around the themes of “ancestral roots” and “prosperity”. contemporary-chapel_010315_05-800x533 The panels go up 6 metres and stretch across 19 metres, resulting in a wooden shaped dome of a most impressive scale. 03Mar_18032015_Hero Light filters through the dome’s wooden cutwork, casting shadows on the aisle of the chapel like sunlight through the trees, giving the illusion of a wedding ceremony held within a sun-dappled forest. contemporary-chapel_010315_04-800x597 Photography: Nacasa & Partners Nikken Space Design nspacedesign.co.jp