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A Surreal Urban Landscape

COS unveiled its autumn/ winter 2015 collection in an ‘Urban Landscape’ conceptualised by André Fu. The presentation goes beyond the realm of fashion into a three-dimensional space, creating an immersive experience.

BY Janice Seow

April 16th, 2015

Top Image: Andre Fu. Photography: SWKit

This March, guests from the creative worlds of art, design and fashion came together to witness the exclusive presentation of COS’s autumn/winter 2015 collection. Held at the upper deck of Central Ferry Pier No. 4, a life-size ‘Urban Landscape’ was conceptualised by André Fu and his studio AFSO to set stage for the presentation.

Photography: Michael Weber

Conceived as part of a landscape that takes over the pier, Fu explains his underlying vision, “I set the goal of fully exploring the unique spatial quality of the Central Pier to transform the entire footprint into a landscape installation that is experiential to the guests.”

The backdrop cleverly frames the Victoria Harbour as part of the showcase, conceptually transforming the installation into a space where urbanites can stroll, sit and enjoy amazing views. Consisting of four key zones: The Cube, The Ramp, Landscape and Urbanscape, each premise is unique. “As guests unveil each layer, the journey conjures a visual narrative that translates the urban life,” he says.

Photography: Michael Weber

Citing an example, Fu shares, “at the Cube, guests will walk through a 3-metre high cubic installation made up of grey metallic frames and crystal glass. This is my metaphoric interpretation of urbanism – a paradigm that represents the contemporary curtain-wall buildings which embraces urbanity.” Fu also took it up a notch by considering how the models could be integrated within, where they could physically walk or go into the various zones.

Photography: Ian Tong

Elements of simple shapes and textures make up the ‘miniature zen garden,’ inspired by the “dynamic energy of Asian cities”. This is a constant source of inspiration for Fu, who believes that the multiple disciplines of design often interweave, be it graphics or filmmaking, or the fashion world. “In the context of modern Asian cities, this is particularly apparent as urbanity is a common theme in architecture and fashion design. It is the way our urban existence is sculpted.”

COS Andre Fu AFSOPhotography: Michael Weber

Large greenery were depict by handmade fresh bund moss spheres and fern plantations. “The sculptural quality of the moss sphere adds another layer of interest to its viewers.” Adding on to dimension, the vast usage of glass create cubic volume.

COS Andre Fu AFSOPhotography: Michael Weber

“This is probably the most conceptual work that I have done to date, as the installation focuses on an interactive quality that is very abstract. The showcasing of the clothing is conceived as a layer of the experience,” he shares. Right from the beginning, Fu had visualised the collection as a part of the space, rather than a departing element, rendering the fleeting motions of models and the immersive experience ethereal.