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A Forest of Business Cards

In this gallery exhibition, art is displayed not as canvas on walls but as colourful business cards that one can pick up and move around.

BY Janice Seow

December 11th, 2014

forest3 Moriyuki Ochiai Architects have turned the business of exhibiting art into art itself. forest2 Their design of an art exhibition in Tokyo is themed around the Olympic Games, a space of discovery where people from all over the world gather and meet. The gallery features the works of 200 artists on the front face of business cards, with their contact information written on the back. forest4 The cards are inserted into a Styrofoam board, allowing the paper’s fragility, and the cards’ design, to come to the fore. forest6 Visitors are invited to remove cards of interest, which changes the look and density of the exhibit. This results in an ever-evolving display that transforms from one moment to the next. One’s perspective of the display also changes, depending on the viewing distance. forest10 Moriyuki Ochiai Architects moriyukiochiai.com