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Three Hand Tufted Rugs From Tai Ping

Three carpets by Chinese luxury brand, Tai Ping, made using complex hand tufting techniques and the world’s finest fibres.

Tai Ping Andre FU

BY Janice Seow

May 14th, 2015

Andre Fu Tai Ping
Aerial III by Andre Fu: combination of Wool, Silk, Bamboo, Delicate Silk, Fine Lurex and Flax

The Andre Fu Collection blends an array of complex techniques with design sensitivity to create rugs of surprising and sophisticated textures. Using only the finest fibres—wool, silk, cashmere—the collection combines pile heights and yarn thicknesses with highly complex hand-tufting techniques to create rugs equivalent to haute couture.

Haiku – Yukata I by Tai Ping: combination of Wool & Silk

Inspired by traditional Japanese decorative arts and costumes, and the synonymous seasons, The Haiku Collection, meld Eastern traditions with Western aesthetic trends, resulting in a versatile collection of motifs in colours that reflect contemporary fashion and home design.

Tai Ping
Chroma by Tai Ping: combination of Flax, Silk & Wool

A tribute to purity and minimalism, Chroma illustrates unpredictable drops and splashes of colour atop gradient hues that celebrate the gestural abstraction and authenticity of painting. The rugs become canvas for the exploration of free and controlled hand motion, creating contrast between vibrant hues and austere backgrounds.

All rug sizes are customisable.

Tai Ping