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The World’s Most Intelligent Toilet?

Find out why the TOTO Neorest XH Intelligent Toilet has been described as “the bathroom of the future”.

Toto Neorest XH

BY Janice Seow

July 17th, 2014

The elegant and minimalistic TOTO Neorest XH Intelligent Toilet doesn’t just look good – it also contains TOTO’s innovative Ewater+ technology.

Ewater+ or electrolyzed process water is an original technology by TOTO that thoroughly cleans the bacteria and debris that normal cleaning cannot achieve. The water is completely environmental friendly and can be returned to the water cycle without worry.

In addition, the toilet’s patented Tornado Flushing System and Hybrid technology ensures a more powerful flushing performance, whilst keeping water usage to a more sustainable volume.

TOTO Neorest XH

But that’s not all. The lid of Neorest XH is made of a Clean Coat anti-bacterial material, and the seat is coated with TOTO’s proprietary CeFiONtect, a glaze that promotes cleanliness at the nano level by preventing dirt accumulation on the sanitary ware surface.

Neorest XH’s soft lighting is activated by a sensor when a user approaches; its auto-sensing feature also lifts the toilet lid when the user walks closer.

For those who want greater ease of use, the toilet can be operated via remote control. Functions include lifting the lid, cleansing with warm water, hands free warm air dryer with temperature adjustment, heated seat and even an automatic deodorising function.

So perhaps the question one might want to ask is: What doesn’t it do?

TOTO is distributed in Hong Kong by VSC.