The Noor Up Chair Elevates Social Settings -

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The Noor Up Chair Elevates Social Settings

RBM’s Noor Up heightens sitting pleasure, literally.

Noor Up

BY Janice Seow

April 5th, 2016

The popular RBM Noor collection was developed through a collaboration between Scandinavian designers StokkeAustad, Form Us With Love, Grønlund Design and Scandinavian Business Seating.


With Noor Up, a medium-high sledge-base chair, StokkeAustad has taken the original design to new heights. With a seating height of 63cm, Noor Up complements 90cm-high tables and is stackable up to five chairs.


Maintaining the contemporary design integrity of Noor, Noor Up embodies its Scandinavian roots with rich colours and longstanding usability. Made of recycled and recyclable materials, the durable design has a low impact on the environment.

Noor Up is ideal for multiple social spaces, be it open offices, meeting areas, coffee bars, canteens or homes.

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