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Openest by Patricia Urquiola for Haworth Collection is an ensemble of comforting furniture for today’s flexible work environments.

Openest collection

BY Janice Seow

April 11th, 2016

Top image: The Openest collection So many factors influence how people feel in the workplace. Certainly, comfort and the flexibility of the environment are important contributors to feelings of wellness. These were the starting points for Patricia Urquiola when she designed the Openest collection of lounge furniture for Haworth Collection. Feather Feather sofa Openest is an ensemble of comforting furniture for today’s flexible work environments – pieces with which to create warm and inviting spaces. At the core of the collection are gentle yet playful rounded forms and tactile softness. Openest is unexpected yet familiar, and sets the tone for thoughtful connection and contemplation. Chick Chick seat The Chick seat and Feather sofa offer adaptable, approachable comfort for one person or a group. The curvature of the Feather sofa allows arc of space to be defined by clusters of sofas. Plume Plume screen Soft to the touch, the textile-finished Plume screen can be positioned in various arrangements to create refuge for working or relaxing – flexible, comfortable spaces where one can interact or work alone. Sprig Sprig coffee table Small in size and easily moved, the Sprig coffee table provides a surface wherever it is needed in the spatial arrangement. In this video, Patricia Urquiola shares further insight into her collaboration with Haworth. Haworth Collection Haworth