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Scirocco by Kokuyo

The new Scirocco chair by Kokuyo is a simple design backed by excellent support and comfort.


BY Janice Seow

June 9th, 2014

Scirocco’s design may look simple, but it’s a chair with a lot to offer. The chair is designed to draw unwanted heat away from the body as a result of long hours of sitting. The seat cushion also serves to improve the user’s sitting posture: it’s separated from the seat pan, thus providing stability. It also supports the pelvis and gives users the sensation that their lower back is cradled in the seat. In addition, the seat pan is adjustable and can be moved back and forth to suit the length of the user’s thighs.


The backrest comes with an optional 140mm range of lumbar support and by simply turning the knob users can easily control the tension for better back support and sitting posture. It can also recline to suit individual comfort levels, and when reclined, the seat cushion tilts according to the angle of the backrest, thus further enhancing support to the lower back. Also of note: the height of the backrest has been designed to provide maximum support to the shoulder blades when leaning back.


Scirocco is available in vibrant mesh and fabric colours and in a black or white frame.