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New from Teuco

Two distinct bathroom collections designed by Carlo Colombo have entered the Teuco product portfolio.

BY Janice Seow

January 9th, 2015

Top image: Accademia AUTORITRATTI_Accademia_Oro Accademia Accademia is inspired by the neoclassical balance between material and shape, and stands out for its striking yet simple sophistication and the exclusive materials used, from Carrara marble to grey stone to the ever present Duralight – Teuco’s specially patented material which allows for great flexibility in design. AUTORITRATTI_IBordi_1 I Bordi The story of I Bordi is one of contrast between materials and colours and strikes a happy balance between luxury and minimal design. The oval-shaped bathtub is available in white Duralight, and in precious Carrara marble and grey stone. It also comes in both a freestanding version as well as a built-in recessed version with protruding rim. AUTORITRATTI_IBordi_3 I Bordi Both collections can be combined freely with cabinets, mirrors, shower trays, shower doors, taps, furnishings such as carpets and armchairs, and sanitary fixtures. Teuco is carried by B.S.C. Group in Hong Kong.