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New Collection by Kelly Hoppen MBE

British interior designer Kelly Hoppen MBE was given free play by Resource Decor to design a collection of 100 furniture pieces – inspired by Hoppen’s life, travels, antiques and London-based home.

Kelly Hoppen Resource Decor

BY Janice Seow

May 10th, 2016

Top: Kelly Hoppen for Resource Decor British designer Kelly Hoppen MBE spent the past year designing Retrospective – a collection of 100 furniture pieces – in collaboration with Resource Decor’s Studio of Innovation and Design in Vietnam. Resource Decor belongs to the Rochdale Spears Group, a global design, manufacturing and distribution group, which provides the retail market with design-led products. Retrospective is contemporary, feminine and luxurious, largely defined by sumptuous and diverse material explorations. This includes the use of rich fabrics like velvets, leather and linens, as well as a variety of metal finishes such as rose gold, nickel, bronze, brass and stainless steel, merged with other materials like smoked glass, wood and coloured lacquers. YK8A9048-CMYK-v2 Kelly Hoppen for Resource Decor Hoppen, who has four decades of experience in the interior and product design industry, was given free play to design this collection. “I was able to let my imagination run free and design pieces that I had been dreaming about for years,” she says. The pieces strongly calls to mind classic Hoppen signatures – neutral palettes bearing coloured accents, the merging of contemporary and vintage detailing, and a East-meets-West design philosophy. Kelly Hoppen Resource Decor Sting Storage Cabinet by Kelly Hoppen for Resource Decor For example, the Sting Storage Cabinet bears dark neutral tones accented by metallic rose gold insets. The curved taupe lacquer structure of the cabinet is juxtaposed by a geometrical stainless steel base. Vinci Occasional Chair_angle Vinci Occasional Chair by Kelly Hoppen for Resource Decor Hoppen sought to convey a sense of refined luxury throughout the collection with clean lines. The Vinci chair features strong lines defined by a rose gold metal frame and wooden arms that complement the soft fabric upholstery. Degas Occasional Chair_front Degas Occasional Chair by Kelly Hoppen for Resource Decor Each piece in this collection was designed to imbue rooms with depth, sensuality and timeless elegance, recalling Hoppen's penchant for visually rich spatial textures. Kelly Hoppen Resource Decor