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Is Your Product Digitally Verifiable? Moooi Introduces The Button To Safeguard Product Authenticity

Moooi has started using NFC technology in a cute but powerful scannable button to provide digital proof of the authenticity of its products.

BY Narelle Yabuka

December 18th, 2018

Fighting counterfeiters is an unenviable reality for every product brand. Instead of fighting off copies, Moooi has shifted the focus to authenticity with the introduction of The Button.

“In a world where mass production and counterfeiting are becoming more and more common, we at Moooi believe in investing in the future of good and authentic design. Therefore, we created The Button – a tiny digital superhero that provides Moooi products with an authentic digital identity.” – Moooi

The Button will accompany every Moooi design. It uses NFC (Near-Field Communication) technology that cannot be copied due to a new ‘Secure Unique NFC’ message feature. Scanning The Button can be done with an NFC-compatible device (smartphone and/or tablet) and the Moooi app that can be downloaded from iTunes and the Google Play Store.

Scanning The Button is self-explanatory, but even so, a tutorial can be found on


According to Moooi, The Button is the digital safe keeper of an investment in the future of authentic design.