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Michael Young’s New Muse For Woven Image

Michael Young’s new collection of acoustic panels for Woven Image Muse presents three dynamic and highly versatile patterns created using the Grasshopper software.

BY Asih Jenie

July 15th, 2019

Woven Images has collaborated with industrial designer Michael Young on a new range of acoustic wall panels. One of Woven Image’s staple acoustic wall panel collections, the Muse range features contrasting prints with signature pearlescent ink, as well as subtle tone-on-tone colours. 

Michael Young’s new addition to the range comprises three designs: Muse Fluid, Muse Cloudy and Muse Minerals that feature dots that converge and disperse to create mesmerising patterns.

Muse Fluid evokes the movement of the ocean and is offered in five colourways: Ice, Ivory, Goldeneye, Lavender and Emerald.


Muse Cloud produces a cloud-like effect and is offered in three colourways: Sandstone, Starlight and Foam.


Offered in two colourways, Muse Mineral features a graphic cross-hatch pattern. 


“I believe these designs are genuinely cutting edge,” comments Young. “It seems to me that an industrial design office is going to take a different approach to creating a pattern than an artist or even a graphic designer.”

Michael Young Studio used visual programming software Grasshopper, a familiar tool in architects and industrial designers’ arsenal, to create the three Muse patterns.

Muse Fluid

Young explains: “By setting up an animated algorithm we generated a changing two-dimensional pattern and freed the animation at a particular point to build the final image.

“In other words, we are not creating conceptual decoration but technical decoration. The finished results look wonderfully mathematical,” he added. 

Muse Fluid

Designed for seamless floor-to-ceiling applications in commercial interiors, the collection is offered in 1,180mm x 2,800mm panels in 9mm thickness. Each panel weighs approximately 5.86 kilogrammes and is manufactured using 68 per cent recycled PET.

Muse aims to reduce noise in commercial settings, achieving an excellent Noise Reduction Coefficient rating of 0.30 for installations without an air gap and up to 0.75 with a 50mm air gap.