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Michael Anastassiades’ Mobile Chandeliers: In Perfect Equilibrium

The Mobile Chandelier collection from Michael Anastassiades is an ongoing investigation into balance and equilibrium that dates back to 2008.

  • Mobile Chandelier 14

BY Narelle Yabuka

November 26th, 2019

Straight lines dominated the earliest examples of Michael Anastassiades‘ Mobile Chandeliers, but over the years a disciplined playfulness has seeped in via curves that enhance the dynamic nature of the pieces.

michael anastassiades

Mobile Chandelier 15

The latest additions to the collection convey a similar subtlety with the gentle sweep of straight, slender rods into the slightest of arcs. 

michael anastassiades

Mobile Chandelier 16

These delicate asymmetrical compositions of black-painted brass rods and mouth-blown opaline spheres are suspended in perfect balance – as Mobile Chandelier 14, 15 and 16  demonstrate superbly.

The pendant rod length is made to order. In Hong Kong, Michael Anastassiades products are carried by Magazzini Vivace.