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Louis Poulsen Launches Limited Edition PH3½-2½ Table Lamp

Faithful to Poul Henningsen’s original work of supreme design and craftsmanship, the special edition of the 1920s icon is now available in two shades.

Poul Henningsen Louis Poulsen

BY Janice Seow

April 30th, 2015

Following the copper pendant launched in 2014 to mark the 120th anniversary of the PH lamp, Louis Poulsen has released its table counterpart in copper.

Poul Henningsen Louis Poulsen

With two shades available: a mouth-blown opal glass shade that provides soft, diffused upward lighting, and a solid copper shade with its inner surface painted white to direct soft and concentrated downlight onto the table surface, this is the first time Louis Poulsen has launched the same light fixture in two options.

Poul Henningsen Louis Poulsen

Alongside other copper fixtures by Louis Poulsen, the surface of the copper shade is deliberately left untreated (non-lacquered) to allow the development of a patina unique to its environment. When removed from the box, it may have already began its process of oxidising, reinforcing the beauty of the potential family heirloom, which will age with personality traces over time. Each table lamp comes accompanied with a set of cotton gloves for the prevention of fingerprints that may occur during installation.

Poul Henningsen Louis Poulsen

At 46cm tall, the made to order table lamp provides human friendly lighting as a result of Henningsen’s fierce dedication in pursuit of the best possible scenario created by man-made light. True to his original drawings, the iconic three shade system is the world’s most recognised lightpiece that will lend a dramatic touch to any space while fulfilling function.

Poul Henningsen Louis Poulsen

Louis Poulsen