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Instyle’s benchmark LIFE Textiles® collection turns 10 this year.

BY Janice Seow

December 17th, 2014

Launched in 2004, the sustainable textile collection was the first in Australia to minimise the environmental impact over the entire lifecycle from raw material sourcing to product recyclability.


The raw materials sourced exclusively for LIFE Textiles are a world first. EthEco wool, sourced locally from non-mulesed sheep raised on holistically-managed farms, is the first time both ethical and environmental considerations have been addressed in wool sourcing for the interior textile industry.


As a result, LIFE Textiles® has become Instyle’s most successful product range. Today the EU-Ecolabel certified collection consists of 16 beautiful, durable and high quality textiles. The collection, which is locally designed and manufactured, can also be traced through every stage of production, from the farm that grows the EthEco® wool with minimal environmental impact through to the finished fabric on Instyle’s online traceability program Farm to Fabric®.


LIFE Textiles® has won many major environmental awards and attracted the attention of overseas markets. Many of Instyle’s distributors, particularly in the USA, UK, Hong Kong and Singapore, were inspired to represent the company because of the environmental and ethical credentials of LIFE Textiles®.


Instyle is distributed in Hong Kong by Carlene Cheong Limited and Greenergy Hong Kong Ltd and in Singapore by Infinity Pte Ltd.