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Let The Rain In With AXOR PowderRain Shower

Intricately sculpted nozzles are the secret to a fine micro-spray of water that softly envelops the body. AXOR PowderRain will be your gentlest shower yet.

  • Let The Rain In With AXOR PowderRain Shower

  • Let The Rain In With AXOR PowderRain Shower

BY Narelle Yabuka

20 November, 2018

You need to feel the flow of water from AXOR’s PowderRain shower to fully appreciate the effect. Unlike conventional showers, the flow is not so much in droplets as a fine spray that thoroughly moistens the skin.

Instead of a few large droplets, dozens of small water droplets are released from the spray disc. Rather than bouncing off the skin, they softly envelop it.

The secret to this ultra-fine spray is of course a series of carefully engineered silicone nozzles. “The key is in the amount, arrangement, size and production of the finest silicone nozzles,” says Jan Heisterhagen, Vice President Product Management at Hansgrohe SE.

Standard showers incorporate nozzles with openings in the range of 0.6 to 1.2mm in diameter. By way of comparison, PowderRain nozzles have an opening diameter of just 0.35mm.


Therefore, a greater number of outlets may be played on the spray disc. “And they are arranged more densely as well, which intensifies the moistening of the skin,” says Heisterhagen.

The ideal distance between, and distribution of the nozzles were determined by countless tests and studies of their behaviour with different levels of water pressure.

Aside from the delicate sensation, PowderRain offers additional benefits. Its gentle spray means it’s quieter. What’s more, since it splashes less, it entails less cleaning in the shower area. Additionally, water consumption has been reduced. PowderRain uses up to 20-per-cent less water, but it still effectively rinses out shampoo.

“The possibilities to design water are endless,” says Heisterhagen.

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