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JEB Parts The Office With INTEGRA

Market leading office design brand JEB has launched a new design solution for the budget-conscious design lover.


BY Janice Seow

July 20th, 2016

A leader in the commercial design world, JEB International has launched an economical range of its prestigious partition solutions, styled for budget-conscious workplaces, highly-suitable for optimising office space across the Asia-Pacific region. A market-leader in office solutions for financial institutions, law firms, multi-nationals and luxury retailers, JEB has created the more affordable INTEGRA operable wall system with mid-market enterprises and organisations in mind.

“Operable partitions are now available with a variety of glass and wall thickness options with several levels of soundproofing to accommodate a wider range of budgets,” said Managing Director Rob Wall. “The newly-developed range provides sophisticated solutions for small spaces, with just three panels and one door,” continues Mr. Wall.

The more modest range targets the mid-market of public, commercial, hospitality, healthcare, educational or residential spaces. The essential pedigree of the INTEGRA system remains true to JEB’s roots in the niche market – expertly styled by an international team of designers, engineers and technicians in collaboration with specialist R&D labs and the region’s most respected glass and product suppliers. It is now offered more economically with options of thinner glass and walls, lower sound-proofing levels and fewer high-tech functions than pricier, more exclusive systems.

“The range in varying thicknesses with several levels of soundproofing accommodates a variety of acoustic requirements and wider range of budgets,” added Mr. Wall.

JEB has been at the forefront of industry trends since 1991 – conceiving and styling state-of-the-art partition designs across the Asia-Pacific, India and Middle East. As a leader in the office design sector, JEB is renowned for its creativity and flexibility in developing specific solutions to the challenges of modern office spaces.

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