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Instyle: Power of Four

Instyle’s high quality textiles, Ecoustic® collection, Wovin Wall and leathers are redefining interior spaces around the world, and here’s how.


BY Janice Seow

November 25th, 2013

Instyle’s interior products don’t just look good – they are made with the highest quality materials and perform superbly in a wide range of interior environments.

The company is well recognised for its stylish, contemporary and sophisticated textile collections, which are designed and developed to high technical standards by its in-house design studio and produced by leading manufacturers in Australia, New Zealand, the US and Europe.

One of the newest Instyle textiles to launch is a dynamic graphic design called UBER, which takes its inspiration from the spontaneity found in nature. UBER, together with Viva – a sophisticated textured textile coordinate – have also recently captured the attention of Australian eco furniture designers Schamburg + Alvisse, who have selected them for their new Pebble furniture design (see top image).


Ecoustic® Moov

Yet another star product within Instyle’s product portfolio, Ecoustic® is a collection of intelligent acoustic and environmental panel, screen, felt and tile products for screen, partition, wall and ceiling applications.

Ecoustic® Moov is the first tile design within the Ecoustic® collection and offers excellent sound absorption. While the product will only be officially released early next year, it is already being used in Ministry of Sound’s recording studio in Sydney where room acoustics are paramount.

Wovin Wall

Wovin Wall

Wovin Wall is a range of modular, 3-dimensional wall and ceiling tile systems that are simple to install and lightweight. With over 100 available finishes and options such as backlighting and printing, the many ways in which Wovin Wall can be customised on walls and ceilings continues to grow. Not only that, but the tile system’s design has the capacity to absorb and diffuse sound. Wovin Wall has featured in numerous projects across the globe including Hong Kong, Japan, Dubai, and the US.


Contemporary Leathers and Ecoustic® collection are featured in Nomad Restaurant

And when it comes to leathers, Instyle’s Contemporary Leathers collection is known for its durability and high seating comfort. Universal from the Contemporary Leathers collection and the Ecoustic® collection are featured in Sydney’s new Nomad Restaurant, and have received positive feedback from both the owners and diners on its superior acoustics and comfortable seating.

Instyle is distributed Hong Kong by Greenergy HK Ltd (Ecoustic and Wovin Wall) and Carlene Cheong Limited (Textiles and Contemporary Leathers).