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In the Palm of Your Hand: The Harbor Work Lounge

Nicolai Czumaj-Bront has worked with Haworth as an industrial designer since 2005, and is now currently Haworth’s Design Lead for Europe. Having grown up in a creative household, he strives to design product solutions with an emphasis on translating the abstract into something tangible.

In the Palm of Your Hand: The Harbor Work Lounge

BY Janice Seow

20 June, 2016

The Harbor Work Lounge is one of Czumaj-Bront’s most distinctive contributions to Haworth, with its remarkable silhouette inspired by the shape of a relaxed, slightly curled hand. With a sleek suede wing extended out from the principal base of the lounge to mimic the last two fingers of the hand, and a sliding tablet arm that echoes the bends of the thumb, the overall look of the Harbor Work Lounge is one filled with elegant personality.


In the design process, Czumaj-Bront considered three principle questions at the heart of the design: “Where do you like to work, how do you like to work, and what do you need to work?”

With the rapid evolution of workspaces and a necessity for versatile furnishings to facilitate a myriad of alternative workstyles, the Harbor Work Lounge is lightweight and flexible, acting as both a cosy individual workstation, or as a more sociable and collaborative hub.

Harbor Work Lounge - Haworth | Indesign Live

The paired ottoman functions both as a pullup stool for a guest and a spare surface for placing notebooks, while the sliding tablet arm is an easily maneuverable and practical surface for laptops. Its extended suede wing also possesses an in-built cup holder – perfect for individual focused work, with all resources easily on hand.

Haworth offers the capability to truly customise the Harbor Work Lounge with a plethora of different fabric and leather colour options for the body of the Work Lounge, to the extended wing segment. For the base, colour options include a vivid red, to the more traditional black, cream, and steel, whilst the tablet arm is available in either a rich walnut or oak timber.

Harbor Work Lounge - Haworth | Indesign Live

For Czumaj-Bront: “Design shouldn’t be dictated by trends, nor should it remain in a particular style of field. Design is everything.”

In the Harbor Work Lounge, Czumaj-Bront has devised the perfect workstation for the ever changing modern workspace.


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Harbor Work Lounge - Haworth | Indesign Live

Harbor Work Lounge - Haworth | Indesign Live

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