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Edo: Inspired by the city of Tokyo

The Edo 1 collection, designed by Schamburg + Alvisse from Australia, takes its cues from Japan’s mega city, humanised by intimate tea houses, intriguing lane ways and bustling courtyards.

BY Janice Seow

August 3rd, 2015

FSP_Zenith_20150520_040 Drawing its inspiration from one of Asia’s most forward-looking cities, the clean architectural lines of the Edo work-scape gives designers a tool kit brimming with place making solutions. FSP_Zenith_20150520_0425 The Edo 1 collection offers a single or two-seat lounge, leg frame in solid oak and rounded legs in solid oak or metal powder coated in black. Users can also choose to include high cushions, low cushions, loose cushions and removable armrests. FSP_Zenith_20150520_076 Edo 1 enables you to unlock your client’s potential by offering them spatial diversity: places for quiet focus time, places for private conversations, places for quiet collaboration and places for energetic brainstorming. FSP_Zenith_20150520_088 Zenith Interiors zenithinteriors.com