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Eccentric and Whimsical: Introducing the Wes Lounge

Named in homage to iconic director Wes Anderson, the Wes Lounge recalls the director’s striking aesthetic appearance and represents an exploration into traditional upholstery and minimal design.

Wes Lounge

BY Janice Seow

May 3rd, 2016

Merging traditional upholstery techniques and minimalist design, the Wes Lounge is the result of over a year in development from designer Tom Fereday. Distributed by Zenith, the recently shown off in Milan range was sculpted and manipulated by hand over a uniquely designed, timber frame. Channelling the whimsical and memorable colour scheme of films such as The Grand Budapest Hotel and The Royal Tenenbaums, the Wes Lounge conveys a complex yet minimal form with its entirely seamless fabric design and contrasting piping celebrating the soft form of the lounge as a concept.

Honest design from the inside out, the Wes range is entirely representative of Tom Fereday’s design philosophy. By using materials and environment as a design constraint, Tom Fereday is able to employ intelligent and thoughtful design goals to meld form and function.

The Wes Lounge is constructed entirely from Eco plywood and finished with solid Ash legs and natural fabrics, and is available through Zenith.

Zenith Interiors

Tom Fereday