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Dedon’s Play In Transparency

Stephen Burks softens the look of outdoor furniture with rounded stances and see-through weaving, demonstrating the artisanal capabilities of Dedon’s craftsmen and its signature weatherproof fibre.

DEDON AHNDA Stephen Burks

BY Janice Seow

June 30th, 2016

Top Image: AHNDA Lounge chair When designing for DEDONStephen Burks immersed himself in the weaving culture of the Philippines to develop a 'transparent' open weave, articulating a fresh take on the brand's signature weatherproof fibre. Titled AHNDA, the new series of outdoor furniture comprises a wing and lounge chair, as well as a footstool that doubles up as a coffee table.  DEDON AHNDA Stephen Burks AHNDA Wing chair The collection embodies lightness, featuring distinct shapes that are sculpted around a circular seat base – ideal for relaxing and curling up under the sun. Stability is enforced with an aluminium frame structure and bottom-heavy proportion. DEDON AHNDA Stephen Burks AHNDA Wing chair The wing chair features a high, ergonomically arched backrest that has been angled for a relaxing posture, made for long conversations or lounging in the great outdoors. Enhancing comfort for the individual, the headrest cushion can be used at two heights. Designed to complement the chairs, the cushion of the footstool can be replaced with a tempered glass top so it can function as a coffee table. DEDON AHNDA Stephen Burks AHNDA Wing chair and Footstool/ Coffee Table Featuring Dedon's low maintenance, weatherproof fibre, AHNDA possesses three shades of red fibre, ensuring vibrancy and colour fastness. For material harmony, the weave pattern continues on the headrest’s zigzag stitches, as well as the visible knurling on the aluminium legs. Stephen Burks Dedon DEDON AHNDA Stephen Burks AHNDA Lounge chair