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Concetto by Caesarstone: Semi-Precious Slices

The Concetto collection from Caesarstone captures the natural beauty of semi-precious stones for deeply coloured and patterned surface finishes.

  • Brown Agate (left) and Tigereye (right)

  • Blue Agate

  • White Quartz

  • Amethyst (left) and Gray Agate (right)

  • Dumortierite


November 19th, 2018

Hand-cut slices of agate, quartz, amethyst and petrified wood make for striking surfaces by way of Caesarstone’s Concetto ® collection. Popular in kitchens and bathrooms, each piece takes a single skilled craftsperson a full week to produce – a blend of art, nature and technology.

Concetto® can be used on walls, benchtops, splashbacks, vanities and furniture. Some of the stones are translucent, so the brilliant colours and patterns can be backlit for an even more striking effect that intensifies the natural colour play and markings.

Caesarstone Concetto Petrified Wood PW Classic

Petrified Wood (left) and Petrified Wood Classic (right)

The collection includes Blue, Grey and Brown Agates™, White Quartz™, Red Tiger Eye™, Amethyst™ and Petrified Wood™. Each variant draws the imagination to the natural world with its spectrum of colours and patterns.

Ideal for bringing a sense of luxury to interiors, Caesarstone’s Concetto® collection of semi-precious stone surfaces are heat and scratch resistant, easy to clean and never require sealing.