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Bolon’s New Wing

The flooring tile brings together several of Bolon’s collections and elevates them to a new level.


BY Janice Seow

December 13th, 2013

If you were at the recent Hong Kong Indesign on 30 November, chances are you would have spotted Bolon’s new studio shape, Wing. The striking designs were uniquely presented in a special pop-up space just for the inaugural event.


Part of Bolon Studio, Wing facilitates new dimensions for large and small interior design environments. The strong architectural form interacts with interior design elements and building details, and the results are simply stunning.


The new format re-energises each collection with all-new characteristics, especially in combination with one another. It also adds an extra visual dimension to wherever it’s installed.


“Bolon Studio was created to offer architects and designers greater creative freedom with a few selected collections. Initially it was an experiment but today it is an increasingly popular solution and almost like a collection itself,” says Annica Eklund, CEO of Bolon.

“The Wing’s strength is the ability to mix and match freely, especially when combining smaller patterned collections with some of our more sensational floors,” she continues.


Adds Marie Eklund, CCO of Bolon, “Wing is a fantastic tile that both highlights our collections and gives architects and designers a new palate of creative interior design possibilities. It’s possible to create a whole new spectrum of expressions that truly take advantage of Bolon’s light reflective characteristics.”