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Beyond the Surface

We pick three stunning collections that make a big impact on our walls and floors.

BY Janice Seow

December 11th, 2014

#1 SICIS Structura Collection The Sicis Structura collection of mosaic tesserae is not your regular mosaic. The tesserae are made from a series of glass mosaic panels with shiny square tesserae in different sizes, thickness and textures. Because of this unique combination, the tesserae create an intriguing three-dimensional effect that is starkly different from other mosaic walls. The Structura collection capitalises on its ton sur ton, or contrast shades, to showcase an effect that seems casual at first. A closer look however, reveals a three-dimensionality that imitates material movement often described as a ‘flowing’ waterfall. The Structura collection gathers a vast palette by Sicis Colours, mixing balance and contrast while playing with light, transparency and iridescence. The dimensions of the panels can also be customised accordingly to different needs. SICIS pre4 #2 Precious Stones by Fiandre The aptly named Precious Stones collection is manufactured by Fiandre, a world leader in the production of high-tech porcelain slabs. Just as a goldsmith interprets precious stones with skill and creativity in the making of elegant jewellery, Fiandre has brought out the force and wonder of nature in this collection, whilst underscoring the beauty and rarity of precious stones. The collection is made to absolute perfection thanks to the use of advanced technology. Available in 300 x 150 and 150 x 75 cm formats, the technical porcelain tile jewels offer extraordinary creative options for design innovators. Fiandre Precious Stones is carried by colourliving. BOL_SIL_Concept2_2014 #3 Silence by Bolon Silence by Bolon is a sober, elegant flooring collection that plays on the senses. Historical textiles and classic, traditional wooden parquet patterns influence the collection. A unique weaving technique also gives intriguing depth and structure to the designs, forming stunning three-dimensional effects and playful light reflections. To the touch, Silence is soft and tactile with a warm, tweed feel. It is also available with an optional Impact Sound Insulation backing (17dB). Like all Bolon products, Silence is designed and manufactured in Sweden. Bolon