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Meet Marisa Yiu At Hong Kong Indesign

As an ambassador of Hong Kong Indesign 2015, Marisa Yiu, Founding Partner of ESKYIU tells us what she is most looking forward to at the event, and her thoughts on the local design scene.

Marisa Yiu

BY Janice Seow

October 29th, 2015

What are you looking forward to at Hong Kong Indesign 2015? A modular acoustic panel designed by Benjamin Hubert for Australian textile company, Woven Image. The triangular panels can be assembled in a variety of standalone forms, giving new meaning to the concept of sustainability. Hubert’s work is insightful and tackles sustainability challenges head on with great aesthetics. As design is always in dialogue with society and needs to look ahead, I’m looking forward to the Design Conversations [panel discussions] themed around “Authentic Design – What Future?” and “Hospitality: Making it Personal”. [A discussion on such issues] allows us to enter into critical conversations about the state of design in contemporary society, and thinking about the role of design that affects how we are approaching or anticipating the future. What are your thoughts on the current state of the design industry in Hong Kong? It's vibrant and active, but needs much more exposure. The value of ‘good design’ is still misunderstood. We need to build a stronger culture of innovation and experimentation and design risk taking. I hope this two-day event can present Design in a different light and encourage the larger public to be exposed to various perspectives beyond the commercial, and see how social, sustainable and creative values of projects and products can truly change our daily lives. Marisa Yiu / ESKYIU For more on Hong Kong Indesign 2015 and to pre-register for free, visit