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Literature is brought to life at Movana Chen’s KNITerature exhibition on show at Artistree.

BY Janice Seow

October 4th, 2013

Sponsored by Swire Properties, Hong Kong-based artist Movana Chen presents her KNITerature collection at Artistree, Taikoo Place. 1WL_7566_600x400 The raw material for Chen’s work is the printed page.  In an effort to connect people through the use of meaningful literature, Chen has created works of art from knitted paper. 1WL_7670_600x400 Magazines, books, newspapers and notepads are fed through a shredder and glued together strand by strand. Once adequate length is established, Chen uses standard knitting needles to create each masterpiece. 1WL_7706_600x400 Words are transformed into physical objects – shapes, fashion and cultural artefacts are created. The centrepiece of the exhibition, Knitted Conversations, is a two-year collaborative project that features knitted patchwork from more than 150 participants. 1WL_7736_600x400 The 15-meter long hero connects families, friends, students and strangers from all around the globe and has been stitched together – somewhat resembling a patchwork quilt. 1WL_8033_600x400  Artistree, owned and developed by Swire Properties brings the exhibition to live with the use of minimal lighting. The 20,000 sq-ft multi-purpose museum quality space frequently welcomes artistic presentations. 1WL_7681_600x400 Opened in 2008, the showroom has brought an eclectic range of international and local art-related exhibitions and cultural events to the city. More than 20 KNITerature pieces are on exhibition at Artistree until October 19, 2013. Kniterature