Here’s Your Chance to Design for Porada -

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Here’s Your Chance to Design for Porada

The Porada International Design Award is now calling on designers around the world to send in their best ideas.


BY Janice Seow

July 18th, 2014

Top image: 2013 Second Prize winner, Student category - Ply by Bence Kovacsik Italian furniture manufacturer Porada is on the prowl for fresh and innovative ideas, and it is taking its search worldwide via its Porada International Design Award. Porada 2013 First Prize winner, Professional category: Lope Extendable Dining Table by Regina Antonopoulou, Stylianos Axiotakis The brief this year has its focus on Mirrors. Given Porada’s specialisation in wooden furniture, it is asking aspiring designers, professionals and students to submit original, yet to be published designs of mirrors in which wood is a prevalent – but not exclusive – element. The work, says the company, also needs embody the values of Porada production. Amongst the various guidelines, the concept needs to utilise production technologies and processes typical of solid wood, and has to respond to the principle of functionality. Porada 2013 Second Prize winner, Professional category - voLovia by Luigi Tagliabue, Manuela Emanuelli The competition has a professional and student category, and three winners will be selected from each category. On the table? A total prize money of Euro 10.000,00, to be divided between the six winners. The designers will not only have their work featured in the next Milan Furniture Fair, but will also enjoy the possibility of having them put into production. Porada 2013 Third Prize winner, Professional category - Bow by Jacopo M Giagnoni A total of 379 projects were entered in the 2013 competition, and while the majority of entries were from Italy, submissions also came in from around the globe, from countries such as Iran, Israel, Greece, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, India and Japan. POrada 2013 First Prize winner, Student category - Ics Convertible side table by Mattia Fossati Last year’s jury included respected figures from the design world, such as Arturo Dell’Acqua Bellavitis, Principal of the School of Design – Milan Polytechnic; the Matteo Thun Studio; and Benjamin Kempton, Interior Director of Wallpaper magazine. POrada 2013 Third Prize winner, Student category - Folding Wood by Jie Gao, Guangkai Chen, Yingying He The deadline for Porada International Design Award 2014 is 30 November. For more information, visit