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Glass, An Indefinite Material?

At Superstudio, Tortona, AGC Asahi Glass invited new interpretations of its chemically-strengthened glass products.

BY Janice Seow

April 27th, 2016

Photographs and video by Akihide Mishima

Light, versatile and flexible – these are not common words used to describe glass as a material. However, at its second participation in Milano Salone 2016, Japanese company AGC Asahi Glass challenged general impressions of the material with an ethereal and dynamic installation conceived by Japanese design firm NOSIGNER.


Titled Amorphous, the installation – presented at Superstudio, Tortona – was designed to model the indefinite molecular structure of glass, with its atoms magnified 10 billion times. This is replicated by a composition of 5,000 pieces of thin and chemically-strengthened glass.

The viewer was invited to immerse in the rich textural quality of glass through an interplay of light, wind and music. “Through this exhibition, we are trying to show beautiful micro cosmos [in glass] and engage the science of glass and design aesthetics,” says the designer.


The products showcased in the installation by AGC were chemically-strengthened during production to impart scratch and break resistant qualities. Although typically used for the production of smartphones and tablets, AGC and NOSIGNER aim to invite designers and architects to consider new interpretations of the material.


Reinforcing the installation, a display corner exhibited AGC products alongside glass-related technology to deepen visitors' knowledge of glass and consider its appeal in a new light.

AGC Asahi Glass