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Did You Miss Our Top Stories?

In case you missed them… here’s a recap of our top 5 stories for the month of February.

BY Janice Seow

March 4th, 2015


#1 First Look At The World’s Largest Passenger Terminal

Should you ever find yourself, like Viktor Navorski in The Terminal, stranded at a foreign airport for an indefinite period of time, the forthcoming Beijing New Airport Terminal Building in Daxing might just be your best bet.

Developed under the leadership of the Beijing New Airport Headquarters (BNAH), airport specialist ADP Ingeniere (APDI) and Zaha Hadid have completed the concept design for the world’s largest passenger terminal. Read more…


#2 World’s Largest Monocoque Roof

The upcoming Suzhou Center will feature the world’s largest monocoque roof, inspired by the mythical Chinese phoenix. Read more…


#3 Tange By Tange 1949 – 1959: Kenzo Tange As Seen Through The Eyes Of Kenzo Tange

Celebrating the remarkable work and the approaching 10th anniversary since the passing of influential Japanese architect Kenzo Tange, the exhibition, currently on at Toto's Gallery MA, places focus on the renowned architects' projects and builds during a pivotal decade. Read more…


#4 The New Dynasty

The legendary Dynasty Restaurant has been redesigned, paying homage to the traditional Xiguan Mansions of Guangzhou, China. Read more…


#5 The 21st Century Cinema

One Plus Partnership’s latest cinema project is further proof of the changing face of movie entertainment. Read more…